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To register for class you can call into the office closest to you and someone from our team will assist you.


Alabama: (256) 673-4794 

California: (707) 343-4383 or (818) 862-3692

Florida: (813) 696-3566

Georgia: (678) 573-2667

Ohio: (330) 969-6909

Illinois: (312) 767-5857 or (708) 316-0577

  • Bolingbrook/Joliet: 630-454-1171

Louisiana: (504) 285-9050

Texas: (469) 848-8660

  • Austin: (512) 866-2511

  • Houston: (713) 538-1744

  • Stephenville: (254) 279-6288

  • Waxahachie (254) 271-1338


You can also register by creating your client portal account electronically online through our secure private link:


Once you create your account, that will take less than one minute, you will be able to request the service you like and you will be able to register for the service of your choice, complete your paperwork, make your payment, view your appointments, choose in person classes/sessions or online via telehealth through your client portal. You will be able to manage everything concerning your service through your client portal.


Before your appointment is confirmed, someone from our team will email you to ensure that the services you are requesting are accurate.

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