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Our Health & Wellness class is a 6 week class in duration. We hold classes once a week for (1-2) hour sessions in small group settings of 6 to 8 people per class. Our schedules are very flexible; offering morning, afternoon and evening classes throughout the week.

In our Basic Health & Wellness Training class, we are focused on improving the quality and quantity of our clients lives. We will discuss strategies on becoming ones best self by improving their cognition regarding their health to increase productivity in and out of work, clean eating, understanding calories and how we should monitor them in order to gain, loose or maintain our weight, how to reduce stress, the importance of sleep and how different foods affect and effect us. With basic understanding of health, we believe that more people will see the benefits to making healthier choices, which in turn would motivate them to strive for better concerning their health and wellness.

Young Joggers
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