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Our Domestic Violence classes are typically 24-52 weeks, depending on the client's state or the client's case. We hold classes once a week for (1-2) hour sessions in small group settings of 6 to 8 people per class.


Our flexible schedules offer morning, afternoon, and evening classes throughout the week.


In our Domestic Violence classes, we help our clients identify their pervasive behavior so that they can begin walking the journey of reinventing themselves while, at the same time, being accountable for their negative behavior, whether provoked or not. After a traumatic situation, people often feel guilty and label themselves as not good enough or simply not enough.


Once our clients begin to renew their minds with our guidance, they have an opportunity.

To begin their healing process from their deeply seethed anger, frustration, pain, and concerns, which plays a tremendous role in a more positive response to adverse situations. In that process, they first begin to forgive themselves and those they believe have wronged them.


Forgiveness and willingness are the keys to moving forward. If you are ready to make a significant change and learn self-control, discipline, and healthier communication, call or email us to inquire about our class schedule.

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