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Our Proactive classes are for individuals whom any court entity, attorney, lawyer, or employer does not order. This program is for those seeking self-development and wanting to improve their lives. It is powerful when one can look into the mirror and be honest with oneself about needing help and guidance to become a better person or needing improvement in a particular area. No one can change without them first wanting it for themselves. As we all know, it is not about perfection but about growth and being progressive about constant positive change. Proactive Counseling Services are provided for:

● Career

● Bereavement

● Anger Management

● Drug/Alcohol

● Family/Marriage Counseling

● Parenting

● Addictions

● Relationship/Communication


All of the classes we provide can be taken proactively. Call or send an email today to f ind out more about the class schedules and pricing.

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