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Our Alcohol Awareness classes are typically 10-26 weeks in duration, depending on the needs of the client. We hold classes once a week for (1-2) hour sessions in small group settings of 6 to 8 people per class. Our schedules are very flexible; offering morning, afternoon and evening classes throughout the week.

Maze of Life Resource Center SOP is designed and tailored towards those who are struggling with Alcohol Abuse. Each week, the material that we will cover will help our clients identify the rooted pain, guilt, and shame that drinking is used to mask the pervasive issue that one may be struggling with. In the process of recognizing, processing and healing, our clients will receive the support and tools needed to help them begin and consistently overcome the strong hold of alcohol addiction.


To repair or improve anything, we must begin at the root of the real issue(s). If you want to begin making healthier, life altering changes and become more psychologically resilient, call or email us to find out about the class schedule.

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